Google Forms

Please find below training videos that will help un-tap the powers of Google Forms

How to Create a Google Form.mp4

In this video learn how to create a Google Form

Take a look at how to name your form, change the theme and other things to get started in Google Forms.

Getting Started In Google Forms.mp4
How to Create Questions in Google Forms.mp4

Take a look at how to create a question in Google Forms

This clip highlights the different type of questions that you can ask your students

The Different Question Types in Google Forms.mp4
Adding Photos:Videos to Google FOrms.mp4

Examine how to add video and pictures to your Google Forms

Check out how to create sections in your Google Form

How to create sections in Google Forms.mp4
Turning a Google Form into a Graded Assessment.mp4

In this video find out how to turn your Google Form into an automatically graded assessment

Take a look at how to give your students your Google Form through Google Classroom

How to give the students the Google Form through Google Classroom.mp4
Do I have to use Google Classroom to give the students a Google form.mp4

Take a look at how to give your students your Google Form even if you don't use Google Classroom

See how to use your created Google Form again and again

Reusing Google Forms.mp4

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